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[classified job listing] Custom Conversions
motorcycle helmet
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Experienced Motorcycle/Automotive Mechanic
Established garage doing most of the city's custom refitting of motorbikes expanding to automotive and watercraft. Seeking one or more experienced mechanics for day or night shifts. Must have 3 years experience or equivalent. Knowledge of lithium electric and hybrid engines a plus. Pay is above average to good, hours flexible. Inquire by email to or respond to this ad where posted.

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I'm good any time and evenings are better for me, too. Name's Max by the way.

You an engineer?

Hi Max, I'm Sam. Astrophysicist, actually, but I do a little bit of everything.

Why don't you stop by the garage on Wednesday next week around 7. Will that work?

Wednesday's good. See ya then, Sam.

I may not be there, but the guys will know to expect you.

Okay cool. I'll look for them if you're not there. Thanks.

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